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Klaus Schneider

Klaus Schneider

Klaus is German. His strong link with Brazil grew in his adolescence when his family moved to Rio de Janeiro. At the age of eighteen he returned to Cologne and studied Philosophy and Roman languages. He worked as bookseller and manager of English editors in Germany and France.

At an early age his affinity with nature lead his curiosity to a fascination for wood. As he started carving collected stems with his pocket knives. It was his hobby to make mobiles in his mid-twenties, using organic materials such as shells, stones and wood.

Coinciding with his definite choice for Brazil in 2000, the mobiles reached their maturity with a style that he developed for a furniture and decoration shop. Burnt laths of cedar that look like ebony are harmoniously aligned, giving an impression of smoothness and strength. His working range includes sculptures and panels. Discover the work of Klaus Schneider

Instalação na exposição Origem Vegetal feita no CRAB.


Finding Beauty
Sala Chuva Vegetal
Criação Artesanal
Exposição Origem Vegetal (CRAB/2016)
Escultura Pop por m²


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